Local Fast Food – Order Online – Delivered to your door – Simple

Our Story

Meet Marco, a bloke from Italy who’s made Australia his home.


Marco has always had a passion for food, hospitality and great service that keeps customers coming back. He moved to Sydney in 2003 and set up shop importing deli products from Italy and distributing them throughout Australia. His restaurant, Sugo, earned rave reviews in the Sydney Morning Herald and he’s been based out of Hervey Bay since 2011.

Marco has made it his mission to provide convenient, quality delivery options in Hervey Bay to his friends, neighbours and visitors alike.

Picture a world where you can have exactly the meal you want delivered to you easily and affordably. Where you never have to settle for a feed you don’t want just because it’s from the takeaway place that has drivers willing to come to you.

“But don’t we live in this world already? Haven’t UberEATS and Deliveroo already solved this problem?”

Not for Hervey Bay…

Welcome to Hervey Bay Food on the Run. We’ve partnered with a wide selection of restaurants (with more on the way) to have your food delivered straight to you.

As you might have guessed from the name, we’re focusing on food delivery in Hervey Bay specifically. We’ll bring the flavours of your favourite local restaurants and fast food places straight to your door (even to some of the more remote regions). It’s like going out while staying in so sit back, and ask yourself, what do I REALLY want to eat today?